Topographic and Geodetic Works

The department of topographic and geodetic surveys carries out topographic and geodetic works, survey activities, cadastral survey, geodetic support of construction.

Among all types of geodetic works performed by our department topographic and geodetic works are the most significant.

Topographic survey (or topography) is a unique activity required to compile a topographic map or site plan. The topographic map is applied to the objects of the area according to their specific coordinates and altitude marks.

The determination of the coordinates takes place mainly with the help of above-ground analysis while using geodetic instruments such as total station, a GPS receiver and a laser tape measure. In addition to above-ground fieldwork aerial photography is used.

The results of the topographic survey are executed in hard copy or in electronic format with the help of software (on a computer).
Topographic surveys are necessary for designing of a new construction, reconstruction of old buildings or structures, private buildings, laying or repair of engineering networks. Also, planning of agricultural work, planning of human settlements (detailed territory plan, master plan of the human settlement) and many other tasks are performed with the help of topographic plans.
Topographic plans vary depending on the scale and according to the purpose.
Large-scale topographic plans M 1: 500-1: 5000 are intended for:

  • designing of a new or reconstruction of an old building;
  • conducting cadastres of human settlements (land and town-planning);
  • forming and agreeing plans for underground communications and networks;
  • determination of the amount of excavations (vertical planning);
  • designing motorways, railways;
  • planning of industrial zones and territories of enterprises, including miners;
  • creation of a detailed plan and sketches of the buildings;
  • compilation of land section plans taking into account border signs;
  • preparation of masterplans for the development of cities, townships, settlements and villages;
  • other activities which require high accuracy.

Our company is focused on technical progress and is aimed at satisfying the needs of the customer. We offer modern technologies for solving geodetic, construction, navigation, cartography and GIS tasks; we use electronic total stations, satellite systems for determining accurate coordinates, theodolites, dumpy levels, laser tape measures, accessories, software products.

Our employees are mobile and communicative professionals.

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